video tutorial - 3D crochet flower No 12

 Pattern:  start with  adjustable ring ,3 chain and 15 dc ( double crochet)....16 in total.               1 row - 3 chain and 15 dc ( double crochet)....16 in total,slst (slip stitch).  2 row - 3 chain ,2dc in the stitch ,*5 chain  - 1dc on the edge of the last  3dc in the stitch  ,skip 1chain ,3dc in the stitch,*repeat this until and the end of row ,8 times in total.

long-sleeve crochet shirt

asymmetrical crochet dress, mandala shape, sleeveles ,

crochet dress

crochet shirt

long-sleeve crochet shirt

video tutorial - crochet stitch No22

Is an ideal designs for various creations such as ruffle  blankets,scarf,caps,dres etc...  Pattern -  start with 25 chain for this project.   1 row - 3 chain ,1 dc (double crochet).at the edge of the second dc work *5dc in st (5 double crochet in 1 stitch), skip 2 chain and work 1sc in the third, turn back and dc5tog